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sâmbătă, 28 ianuarie 2017

Legumele fac glume? These vegetables who dreamed of doing something else with their lives!

 A carrot-shaped robot

An eggplant-shaped puppet

A turnip that wanted to be a pin-up

A gourd-shaped duck

A carrot-shaped hand

An eggplant who saw the role of Pinocchio

A carrot and a turnip who think they are human

A tomato that looks like evil

A potato-shaped foot

A strawberry in Bear Form
A turnip who wanted to marathon
A potato  chick

A gourd-shaped duck

Peppers who think they are zombies

A tomato-shaped rabbit

A demonic onion

An eggplant who dreamed of being human

A mouse
-shaped potato

A potato that wanted to be a Bear

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